Easter holiday

April 21, 2009

slept, played on my computer, listened to music, my grandma came down from mary feild and stayed for a couple days i texted my girlfriend played my xbox 360 got saints row 1 got lots of candy haha and some ear phones and a cellphone case!!!!!


uploading movies

April 3, 2009

the fine idea is good but why house arrest whats that solve? he can still watch illegal movies on the internet and download them to his computer the internet will still keep doing it though even if one person gets caught so whats it solve ? nothing for anyone else but maybe that one person. the movie guys will still loose money!!

april fools day

April 1, 2009

the best prank someone pulled on me was my girlfriend saying she was pregant!! i was like omg!! what!? then she was like gotcha !!! i was like wow You meany! haha!! i dont know i havent ever done any pranks on anyone! its not even a day haha!!

madd pres.

March 31, 2009

it was sad but i think it thought people when you drink and drive or drive after Youve done drugs dont do it or you will suffer then conseqences and kill someone else or yourself or injure your self or someone else and i dont think You want to living with that for the rest of Your life its not worth it just drive sain.

Free Blog

March 27, 2009

school is almost done and graduation is near what do all You grade 12’s think about that? is it scary ? are you excited to move on with your life and get a job and deal with stuff on Your own? iam excited kind of and happy all at once.

drugs are bad!!!

March 23, 2009

any kind of non perscripted drug is stupid and useless! i dont get whats so cool about drugs! it hurts your body make You look horrible and kills You so why do it i ask You? its stupid! you start lower down the chain then get higher and higher till Your into the really strong drugs.


March 19, 2009

his advice about not getting 60 thousand dollars a year is not always true beacause some of us cochrane students can have that easily!!true point is that your parents are not to blaim for your lifes mistakes!! haha be a president after school!! and well yeah life is all up to You in the end if You dont make a really hard try at it You will fail horribly!!.

adults critcizing youth

March 5, 2009

yes i have. lots of times by parents teachers on workstudy it happeneds every where You go to everybody not just us younger youth it happends to adults just because they are older they dont know everything neither do us teenagers iam just saying ive gotten put down just cause iam a guy and iam 18 and all 18 year olds are the same right? no its not true! just because You dont do something right doesn’t make You stupid if You dont know ask for help etc…

fighting in hockey

March 3, 2009

yes without fighting some fans would not support them but thats not exactly true cause it would still be hockey. I dont really care about the fighting in spots because iam not a fan of sports. keep safety gear on when fighting. Ban fighting. Yes it would make it way more protective to fight then with helmets. I dont jknow iam not an olympic fan!!

chatting issues

February 27, 2009

its Your risk to take even if its not safe!! you can put Your profileĀ  so its private for friends and family only so only they can see You details and just not add the random people that try and add You of your friends friends or whichever.